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Aberdeenshire Ensuite

The Brief

Continuing with their renovation journey, our clients’ focus turned to their ensuite. After completing a design for their master bedroom, they were eager to have us continue the transformation in their ensuite. They desired a seamless flow and cohesion between their bedroom and ensuite, aesthetic. By installing the ensuite alongside the bedroom, immediate continuity was achieved, allowing the design elements to effortlessly transition from one space to the other. They wished for a similar aesthetic to their bedroom, following a masculine, hotel chic style reminiscent of a boutique hotel suite.

The Solution

The ensuite, located in the eaves of a storey and a half property with a sloping roof, presented a unique challenge for our designers, meaning careful consideration was given to maximise the utilization of the floor space and create the illusion of a larger area. This was accomplished by installing floor-to-ceiling concrete effect tiles and incorporating a bespoke floor-to-length mirror that perfectly followed the shape of the roof.

Drawing inspiration from the bedroom, where darker and moodier tones were used, our designers continued the theme in the ensuite. Anthracite grey ceramics by Duravit, brushed black chrome hardware from Axor, and distressed concrete tones on the wall added depth and texture, contributing to the desired ambiance.

During the day, the Velux floods the ensuite with natural light, creating an open and airy feel whilst at night, it transforms into a cosy and inviting space with a darker allure. This clever use of lighting enhances the overall design and adds to the atmosphere our clients were looking for.

Aberdeenshire Ensuite

The Result

Despite the challenges posed by the unique space, the resulting ensuite design successfully balances functionality and style. The cohesive design elements throughout the entire bedroom suite ensure longevity and a harmonious aesthetic that ties the spaces together flawlessly.

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