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Budgeting for your project

Budgeting for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom project

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We all enjoy browsing Pinterest, Instagram and interiors magazines for ideas when we’re preparing to renovate a room in our homes. It’s easy to gather style inspiration, but what about taking the next step and budgeting for your new bathroom, kitchen or bedroom?

Setting your budget

Understanding a little about the costs involved in the design and installation of a new bathroom or kitchen, will help you to set a realistic budget for your project. First up, design.


Here at Laings our design service is completely free and you have no obligation to purchase. A good designer or design team will work with you to create a space which meets all your expectations and requirements (and hopefully exceeds them!), whilst working within the scope of your budget. The good news is you don’t need to budget for design!


Choosing products which you love and which are both durable and beautiful is very important. Your bathroom or kitchen has a long life ahead of it and will endure a lot of use, so it needs to be good quality and long lasting. As an investment in your home, we always recommend you choose the best quality products within your budget.


It’s easy to forget about the cost of installation when you’re drawing inspiration from a showroom and working on a design with your kitchen or bathroom designer, but it is a crucial part of your project. A well installed room is unlikely to encounter as many snags or broken parts over the years and it really will ensure the beautiful products you have chosen are shown off to best advantage.

There are other considerations to take into account when budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project. These include:

The size of your space: A large kitchen will require more units than a small one, so your costs may increase.

The features you want to include in your space: Perhaps you want additional furniture for your bathroom or solid worktops in your kitchen, these items will increase your total spend.

The flooring for your space: There are options to suit every style and budget, so it’s worth doing some research and considering the type of flooring you’d like to have in your space and how it might impact on the costs for your project.

Ultimately, the best way to ascertain what you need to budget for your project is to have a conversation with the design team at your preferred retailer. You might already have a figure in mind, but having an open conversation with a designer about what you’re hoping to achieve will help you set your final budget.

At Laings, our approach is to work with you to make the most of your budget, whatever it is, and to support you in your decision making throughout the design phase to ensure your new bathroom or kitchen is even better than you’d hoped.