Section 1

Supply & Installation
& Supply Only Services

We are proud to offer both Supply & Installation and Supply Only services to our commercial customers in the construction industry. 

Supply & Installation
  • Fit Pack
  • Experienced Laings Installation Team
  • LSOP Updates
  • On-Site Supervision 
Supply Only
  • Fit Pack
  • Co-ordinated Site Delivery Service
  • LSOP Updates 

Section 2

Design Options

At Laings, we understand that every house builder has their own approach to conducting business through their supply chain and with their end customers, which may vary across their developments.

As a result, we tailor our services to our customers’ requirements, building flexibility and efficiency into our approach to deliver the highest standard of service.

We offer three design service levels, which can be adjusted and customised to meet the expectations of your customers:



Standard design per house type

Our designers work with you to create standard designs for every House Type based on your budget and requirements.



Standard design plus upgrades

As well as creating standard designs, our designers will work with you to come up with optional upgrades for your clients to choose from. We can manage the upgrades for you or you can manage them internally.



Individually tailored design per plot

Our designers work with your clients to create unique designs for every plot based on your assigned budget and requirements. Your clients receive the full Laings’ experience - spending time in our showroom and meeting with our expert design team.

Section 3

The Laings
Process Explained

From inspiration to installation, we support our customers, be they retail or commercial, at every stage in the process. Our approach to working with our customers in the construction sector takes the following form: 

Section 4

Our Products

We work with Europe’s leading brands to provide our customers with robust, innovative and, most crucially, quality products. Whatever the type of development, we have a range of products to complement the style, tone and budget of each property type being built.